Comments from graduate teachers in China:

Paul Kintas

I have been teaching in Wuhan, China for almost four months now and since making the move to come here I have met so many amazing people and taught so many very gifted students. China is an amazing place and the culture, the scenery and the food are things that - in my opinion - really need to be experienced. As a teacher you are given the highest respect and the students want to learn, my job here is made so much easier due to the driven mentality of Chinese students and their parents. Teaching here in China is more than just a job, it's a life experience that should not be missed.

Daryll Evans

I came to China two years ago to teach on this programme. I am based in Guanzhou a city of 10 million people. The school is fantastic as are the kids. I am a trained English teacher and I feel I am doing what I want to do. I have found a great gym and I coach football. I came for a year and I’m still here. I love it.

Mark Jacobs

I went to the same Chinese school as Daryll. I came straight from university. I really enjoyed the teaching year and got into the language, big time. I also stayed on in China but got myself a job as an engineer which is my degree subject.

Anthony Balbier

My apartment is lovely. It is newly built and is spacious and clean. I teach 15 lessons of 40 minutes each so I have 10 hours of teaching time, the school is looking after me very well. I personally would recommend this to anyone who has a passion for China.

Viktoria Gunes

We had an unexpected problem with our school. The support staff at CEAIE became involved immediately and sorted things out very much to our benefit. They solved the problem for us. We changed schools and were paid a ‘breach’ fee by the original school. Nancy and Xueming at CEAIE were very supportive. You needn’t worry about being abandoned. It won’t happen. CEAIE will be there to help out if difficulties arise.

Ian Seaborne

TEIC is a fantastic opportunity and I’m glad that I’m supported by CEAIE. In fact, many foreign teachers I meet are jealous of our situation. Some placement companies are truly shocking. It makes Dom and I feel very lucky to be with CEAIE.

Briony Hudson

Speaking to Professor Thomas on the phone before I came to China was very reassuring as he spoke very positively about China and confirmed that participating in the programme would be beneficial.

I feel the college is doing everything it can to make us feel at home. They are keen to help with any problems we have and are quick to try and fix them. They have taken us out to dinner on numerous occasions and taken us on trips to the Great Wall and we have been promised another trip next month. The staff are really friendly and go out of their way to look after us. They are also keen to help us learn more about their culture, for example, they gave us boxes of mooncake during the mid-autumn festival. They are also very respectful of our festivals. We had a week off for Christmas which they did not have to give us. I have been very impressed.

Once you have got over the culture shock you will find that your time here will fly by and before you know it, it will feel like home.

Conor Coyle

I wanted to take a year off after finishing a tough university course in Ireland and see more of the world. China seemed like a good place to work for a year to learn more about a culture that I knew very little about.

CEAIE has been exceptionally understanding and caring while I've been here.

Coming to China to teach was most definitely the best decision I ever made. It teaches you more than any university course ever could. I have enjoyed my time here immensely, made friends that will last a lifetime, seen sights I will never forget. I have grown as a person and achieved things I didn’t think I would every have been able to do. It has been an eye opening experience.

Tom Goricke

Prof Thomas’ assurance that CEAIE is a reputable organisation was very important, as according to the Foreign Office website many teachers experience difficulties in China. It is important that you are dealing with a competent and serious organisation.