TEIC Stories

Some of our current teachers will be happy to converse with you via email if you have any further queries. For reasons of security, emails can only be obtained during the application process, or in some instances, by contacting Professor Phil Thomas

Harriet Clayton

I have been teaching in China since August last year, so have been here for nearly 6 months now, and can honestly say that they have probably been the most challenging but also the most rewarding, exciting and enjoyable of my life! ...more

Adam Kadri

TEIC has given me the opportunity to see beyond the media’s perceptions of China and experience this largely untouched world for myself...more

Andy Catherall

You will also feel somewhat of a celebrity if you are placed out in the provinces. From my first day to my last the same people, despite knowing my face, would still shout “HELLO!” from across the street. ...more

Ryan Hornbeck

Like it or not, you will have a major impact on your students not just in English education, but how you represent your nation and cultural attachments will influence hundreds of eager, curious young minds...more

Luke McGlynn - Thank You

Living in China and working with TEIC made an immensely positive impact on the direction of my life and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity. ...more

Alex Phillips

I was one of the only foreigners in the city which was not as lonely as it sounds as the hospitality of the local people meant that I was never short of things to do! ...more

Richard Lewis

The slower pace of life in Guiyang has enabled me to step-back and take stock of where I am in life and make some decisions with regards to what I want to do in the future. ...more

Joe Davies and Laura Bibby

We have been in China teaching for 9 months now and are having the time of our lives! We have always been fascinated with China but never really thought we would be given the opportunity to experience it first hand ...more

Anna Lawrence - Reflecting on China

It’s now been two months since I returned from my year abroad teaching English in China. I still keep thinking about the amazing experiences I had ...more

Antonia Paterson

I was aware that hospitality was important in Chinese culture, but the kindness and generosity I encountered was quite overwhelming. Nearly every weekend and holiday we received invitations to social events...more

Ian Seabourne

It isn’t as intimidating as I initially thought. I have to admit that the first time you have 50 pairs of eager eyes staring up at you in expectant anticipation it’s pretty daunting!...more

Viktoria Günes

When I arrived in Changji, a small city close to the much bigger city Ürümqi, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the city was as modern as any other city anywhere else in the world...more

Eddie Rickaby

Coming to China has made a profound impact on me. I have witnessed the incredible growth that is going on in the country and the extremely bright future it has ahead of it...more

Tom Goricke

Teaching English in China on the TEIC programme was a very good compromise as it combined the possibility of travelling, learning Chinese and discovering the culture of this fascinating country, with working and earning some money...more

Alex Randell

A typical day generally involves two to four hours of teaching work. The common element here is a two-hour lunch break, during which I spend one-hour planning my lessons...more

Kiran Gopal

The opportunity to travel to China to teach English was too good to miss out on. Not only was I able to help develop students oral English, but I was also able to learn Mandarin myself...more

Kalpna Keshra

Staff within the university and the CEAIE were always at hand to help with any problems that we had which was very reassuring. China has so much to offer to anyone who is thinking of coming out here to teach. It has been a fantastic experience and I have made some great friends...more

Conor Coyle

Each day brings rewards and challenges; I have to admit the students are great and have made the time fly. I have more memories than I can carry in my suitcase home...more

Layla Steeples

I have experienced so many random occurrences while in China that I have come to love the way in which the Chinese live their daily lives...more

Tasleem Riaz

First off, be ready for the stares... Especially if you’ve got blond hair, blue eyes, or dark skin, and are not Chinese looking. One thing that I can say; Chinese people are curious...more

Cat Kirton

Initially, I saw teaching as a way and a means of surviving in China, a chance to earn some money so I could travel in the holidays. But actually, teaching has been the best part of this trip for me...more

Christian Saunders

All things considered, I had a very positive experience in China. I found the teaching role rewarding and fulfilling, and I met some fantastic people and saw some amazing things...more

Jacqui Kelly

There are plenty of opportunities for travelling, whether at weekends or national holidays. Everywhere is far away in China so don't be put off at the thought of spending 10 hours on a train (my record is 36) as you will always be well rewarded by what you find at the other end. ...more

Sam Tappenden

China itself is a fascinating country. Every single person I have met has been incredibly warm and friendly, and I have nothing but good things to say about the Chinese people....more

Dom Bryan

I have made some good friends which have enabled me to learn more about my local surroundings and visit some places which I may have never had the chance to see...more

Briony Hudson

The staff were always on hand to help with any problems or questions you have and if you are as lucky as I have been you may meet some amazing people to share your experiences and help you track down a decent cup of coffee, or whatever else it is you find yourself craving!...more

Maria Herring

My students are so friendly, appreciative, and eager to learn that it doesn’t even feel like ‘work’...more

Anthony Burns

The accommodation is comfortable and facilities are very reasonable. The pay is also reasonable especially bearing in mind I have no actual teaching qualification...more

Jasmine Hagger

The students were great and keen to learn. It was such fun being there and when I left I did so with a heavy heart...more