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Professor Thomas works closely with CEAIE to ensure the best teaching placements


A note from Professor Phil Thomas:

“I spent many years as a young scholar teaching and studying overseas, principally in the USA and Africa. Those times are indelible memories and they shaped me both as a person and as a law lecturer. It is my own life experiences that drew me into establishing the TEIC programme with the CEAIE and later with Lany at the International Exchange Centre.

“Although settled in Wales for many years I continued to travel the globe as a visiting scholar and also as an ambassador for my university law school. A couple of years ago, upon retirement, I was introduced to CEAIE and invited to recruit appropriate graduates to teach English in schools, colleges and universities in China. This was to be done independently of my university activities.

“My immediate concerns included the security and welfare of the teachers, the status of the Chinese agency and the assurance that appropriate local support would be provided for the teachers. As a frequent traveller to China and Asia I am aware of potential hazards and I was clearly of the opinion that unless I had total confidence in the Chinese partner, I would not risk my reputation nor the safety of the teachers I would be recruiting. So, before agreeing to become involved, I visited their office in Beijing. Also, Lany has over 20 years experience in placing teachers in Hunan Province.

“I was pleasantly surprised and totally satisfied with the organisation and, in particular, with the commitment of the staff. They are efficient English speakers who are keen to make the programme work for all concerned. The staff are "civil servants" employed by a non-profit making organisation affiliated to the Ministry of Education. Esther runs this programme in China. She has excellent spoken English and is responsible for arranging placement, documentation processing, the work visa, the meet and greet arrival programme and welfare support in China. I am responsible locally for recruitment, interviewing, collection and dispatch of the required documentation to Beijing.

“Our principal concern is that of the teachers, not of profit, and this distinguishes us from other apparently similar programmes. TEIC is a small, friendly, hopefully efficient programme driven by the welfare of the teachers and the English language needs of young Chinese; it’s that simple, and I think the words of our teachers speak for themselves. All the pictures that you see on this website were taken by the teachers. We are what we are and hopefully we are providing a win-win experience for all concerned. We do not chase enquiries and hopefully that reflects the ethos of TEIC. The next step will be taken by you not us.

“If you, your family or friends want to know more about the programme then please contact me either by email or phone. I will be pleased to hear from you.”

Phil Thomas

Mob: 07531789984